lessons from indian cricket in 2010

what’s responsible for the stellar perfromance of our cricket team during the last few months? is it the bunch of young players or the captaincy or the selector panel or the enabling infrastructure at junior levels that generates a pipeline of players?

i am sure, all the factors are contributing to success; there is no singular factor that is responsible. no one factor can ensure consistent output. and possibly, nobody can create a mathematical model to accurately create recipe for success. this is not a perfect world, anyway! this is life, isn’t it?

i wonder why managers don’t bring this simple belief to work. many a times, we get short-sighted and worry about a recent problem or an issue that is bothering the boss or something which is nagging us for a long time. and thus, we work on that and miss the moot point!

let’s relearn about life and practice it! we as managers need to accept the fact that there is no one solution that will ensure success. we need to deploy a multi-pronged approach and back all of them appropriately.

devil’s advocate will say that time and resources are few; we need to focus in order to succeed! while this statement is true, let it not be a gospel that deters us from taking a holistic view. can indian team win every time with just one MS Dhoni (focus on an able captain!) as the captain and without the constant supply of young players? can a business succeed with just a visionary leader without appropriate value-delivery processes? infosys is not what it is just because of its founders and leaders. what do we think is driving unilever or a ge?

all of us know the answer – leadership is important; it needs to recruit the hearts and heads of its troops – no doubt about it! but, simultaneously, there needs to be adequate amount of other factors – business model, customers who are willing to buy, people who have the skills and will all the time to meet customers’ demands, processes that they can all follow and many more!

it is easier said than done! that’s why many a times we fail. good to know that we can succeed and there is a path.

let’s be realistic – we need to have simultaneous view of many things and act on them! no one thing can lead us in the right way! so, let me preach – “don’t be short-sighted and keep your eyes set on only one thing! identify a set of right things, keep your eyes on them, close the gaps as soon as possible!”

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