multi-course meal or dal-roti?

Undoubtedly, the multi-course meal symbolises luxury, class and success! What about Dal-roti? Is it not about simplicity, speed and focus? At times, we misunderstand a simple meal to stand for poverty and crudeness.

In our day to day life at work, we often get victimized by this thought and our actions obviously lean towards the multi-course meals. We think, dal-roti thinking won’t take us far; our bosses might think us to be lazy and unambitious; our peers might write us off to be dumb; our teams might think us to be very basic and unsophisticated…and our customers might think about us to be backward! Needless to say, this is misdirected thinking that reduces our efficiency. Less is more… dal-roti is simple, rich in food value and high-class! Think of the interface of Google, ipod, iphone etc..they are loved by all of us because they are simple!

We should challenge ourselves how a simple menu can change the course. I have seen organizations and managers setting up a long list of strategic priorities, a long list of KPIs and driving many programs at the same time. Can’t we be more effective if we just focus on the vital few that need to co-exist for the vitality of an organization? Juggling multiple balls is not easy, however life isn’t about just one ball in the air. It’s always about a few important things that need to happen the same time. Hence, it’s important to know which ones are the most important and must be dealt with.

I strongly feel, we should just have a few things on the plate and all of them must be the vital few that are required for the ship to go the desired way! Dal-roti is indeed simple, fashionable, nutritious and impactful; it doesn’t devalue you; doesn’t embarrass you. It’s okay to have multi-course meal once in a while! 


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