Think of the customer!

I happened to attend my son’s school function yesterday. The function was to kick off a year-long celebration of their 150th anniversary. Of course, it’s a big event! Bharat Ratna Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam was the chief guest and his speech was followed by a high-energy 2 hour performance by Padmashree Usha Uthup. The audience was about 10000 people comprising the students, parents and government officers. and of course, media! Of course, it was a great event! I drew many lessons…all of them amazingly the same : customer is the king! And hence, the school is loved by all its stakeholders. So is Dr. Kalam and Usha Uthup.

The school delivered a masterstroke in the choice of the celebrities : Dr. Kalam and Usha Uthup. It kept an unwavering focus on what will be a big draw amongst its customers who are progressive, a bit disenchanted with the long speeches of many dignitaries who normally grace such occasions in the school, enamoured with modernity and respect substantiveness. A perfect match in the two guests… they didn’t get just one person who had the charisma to meet the diverse range of preferences of their customers. Each time we think of doing something, we need to ask Mr/Ms Customer what s/he will like!!

Dr. Kalam is of course a visionary and one of the greatest leaders of our times. He has been addressing a range of people all these years. He is skilled in dealing with diversity. Still, it was a treat to hear him! His speech had components that was attractive for the students as well as the parents. And most interestingly, they were inter-twined like a plait of hair. This was aimed at engaging the two segments of the customers at the same time. Isn’t it customer-centricity again?

And of course, Usha Uthup delivered the final punch with her performance that had high energy, diverse range of songs, different languages and all you can think of! It was again a perfect focus on all segments of the audience… 8-14, 14-18, 33-45, 60-65 years of people across from several walks of life, mother tongues, cultures…

Customer is the king! Each time, the customer experiences the care and shine, the bond gets stronger! Simple, isn’t it! Wow!   

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