Feedback is a wonderful gift … choose who deserves this!

Chanakya wrote many years ago about the need of sacrifice and he said, sacrifice has to be made for the deserving.

Each moment of our active life is an indulgence in thoughts and action. Our thoughts are led by our beliefs and values. As we live our life, there are many others who see us act, think and believe. Some of these ‘others’ are wise enough to realize what we believe and hence, link our beliefs to our thoughts and hence, explain why we act the way we do. These are the people who have the unique ability to offer us valuable insight about us.

Imagine how impactful it will be for the Football Team, Brazil to know what exactly has gone awry! We all know, there have been many dull patches in the lives of all the legends irrespective of the walk of life that they came from. How do they get out of those moments of darkness? Who shines the light on those dark corners in the hallway of their minds? I believe, it’s someone who has been watching them closely and is wise to link the actions to their thoughts and ultimately back to their beliefs. That’s the eureka moment; this piece of feedback is amazing and life-altering! We need it! If we are a stakeholder in the person’s life, let’s go ahead and offer the feedback. That’s the gift… the sacrifice… Let me tell you : it’s not easy to build the connection right from ‘belief’ to ‘action’. This could alter someone’s life.

Isn’t this pearly insight available easily? Of course, feedback and comments are available in plenty! But, the problem is that we get so many of them that we don’t know which one to accept and which one to reject! It’s the feeling of having lost one’s way in a dense forest. There are million ways, but only one is right. How does one choose it? I feel, first of all, it’s one’s humility to seek a recourse and listen. And then, it’s the desire to excel. ‘ For when the disciple is ready the Master if ready also’. The universe helps one discover that unique path which is right amongst the million that one comes across.

How often do we come across in our families and workplaces that feedback is met with strong defensiveness from the person it is aimed at? sounds very familiar! Feedback is a very powerful and rare gift that leads one to the hidden treasure. Offer this when the disciple is ready. Don’t waste it! 

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