don’t let technology take charge of your life

Billions of people around the world have been immensely benefited due to the advent of technology…right from food, shelter, education, healthcare, transportation, communication to entertainment and luxury. There is no doubt in it. However, I notice some of us falling prey to it and letting it overpower our human abilities and creative prowess. While predictive inputs on a keyboard or an e-assistant on a smartphone could increase efficiency at times, it can also make someone overtly dependent upon these and can’t imagine life without it. One doesn’t leave home without the phone…the world feels very unsafe without it! One can’t drive without the google maps…seeking someone’s help in directions seems very impolite, dumb and intrusive! Answering emails and sending texts in the middle of something else is quite commonplace…it’s not impolite! Multi-tasking is cool; shyness from social media is stone-age; pen and paper is conservative thinking!

I feel, we are losing humanity slowly. I, me and myself is getting far more important than we, us and ourselves. Discussions lack depth though they have become very frequent. In the name of speed, we play ping-pong quite a bit. Our lives revolve around emails, phones, reminders, calendars, chats, what’sapp, facebook, twitter, youtube, games and apps. The ability to empathise with others is one great quality which differentiates human beings from others. Are we leveraging on the power of this unique gift that human beings have been blessed with?
A hundred years from now, will we have a situation where our life will be controlled by digital assistants, virtual assets and physical robots? Humans will find it easier to live with machines than with someone else who has a mind and heart. It will be possibly very alien to talk to the heart of someone else! Will that be a human life? 
I think, we should wake up and save humanity from being enslaved by the technology. The right combination of heart and mind has to be at play all the time. We need to find some time away from the intrusive tech-tools to stay in touch with our heart and mind; feel the power of our feelings and thoughts! Sounds simple, but very difficult to stay away from the phone, the tab… for a few hours at a stretch! 
We need to try hard and engage with fellow humans, understand what is happening in their lives, learn from them, connect the dots and create a picture of the world by joining the dots. It’s very fulfilling to watch children in the park, cows on the road, trees in the horizon, the birds in the sky …. one can discover new ways of using technology to enrich humanity.
Sounds philosophical? Try it out!

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