Taking a break

Everything around us has been in a constant flux and it’s expected that we keep pace with the change. Else, there is every possibility that one would fall off the treadmill. All of us keep running on this machine called life. Ever wonder if this is helping us!

No doubt, phones, emails, messaging and multimedia have made communication faster and effective. We are able to express our thoughts and ideas faster; respond faster. Gone are the days of waiting for a reply! We want quick reply and super-quick action and of course, instant results. Many of us keep our focus on the information super highway and forget to take a holistic view. We miss the woods for the trees. Often the world is quite a different place than what we see…. at times, it is more beautiful than what we see; at times, it is far more challenging than what we see. Many a times, we get so caught up in the process of reacting, follow-through, reminding others and making to-do lists that we forget the bigger picture and the ultimate goal. The world did create wonderful things without the aid of modern communications and our current speed of action. Didn’t our forefathers value looking through the details and responding to others? That’s a foundational process of human behaviour and leadership. So, one can’t stay without the gadgets and the speed. But, one can certainly apply discretion while creating traffic on the superhighway of emails, messages, chats, tweets and everything else. Perspectives and reflective learning are very critical to one’s intellectual and creative abilities. One needs some me-time to reflect, challenge oneself, observe from others and build one’s mettle continuously. One needs to take some break each day from the multifarious gadgets and connections to look at things in a holistic manner. It’s not easy to stay disconnected from those parts of one’s being. However, it can be the modern day meditation in a certain way, if done well.

Take a break from the phones and internet. Learn to look at the events in the present and the possibilities for the future. One has to have quite a bit of self-control to engage in this creative process in a meaningful and tranquil manner. Let’s get started!


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