What we can learn from “Jugaad”


The Cracked Up World

For those who don’t know, “Jugaad” is the Indian system of ‘making do with what you have’. This might seem a very odd topic, but let’s face it – more often than not, we get stuck in this messy situation and there was either not of time or enough resources to solve it. That’s when Jugaad comes into play. Enterprising surgeons are replacing costly, disposable imported surgical devices with cheaper, more common and locally-sourced tools. Being frugal, say doctors, doesn’t mean they compromise on quality and safety. 

The common paper clip is certainly a versatile piece of twisted steel. On occasion, it can open locks or even double up as a tooth pick. But Dr Pushkar Waknis, a Pune-based maxillofacial surgeon, found an altogether unexpected use for it – to keep the skin flap in place while operating. Not only is it effective, but also more easily accessible than…

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