be ambitious!

Nine men and one woman cannot produce a human baby in one month. Yet, one needs to aim high. Someone said, if one holds no ambition, one suffers unknowingly; if one has an ambition, one suffers knowingly but very slowly.

UntitledAmbition is a belief that one can make a difference. Many people do not challenge themselves enough to know what is the calling of their heart and mind. So, the life goes on from the time one wakes up till one goes to sleep as if it is an entrapment. In the myriad of activities, they do not take notice of what has been exciting and joyful; and hence, they are not able to think how to recreate the magic of joyful living. One has to consciously listen to the call of the heart and the mind. Then only, we can make a difference to ourselves and our community. Once we know the way to make a difference and believe that we can sustain the journey, then it becomes the ambition. Everything starts becoming clear and each step that one takes in this journey becomes very meaningful and directed towards the ambition. And the ambition itself becomes the fuel for the journey!

How does one discover the internal calling that makes a difference? Intellect shows the way. Once I look around, I know what gives me the pleasure and meaningful living. It’s not easy to find but introspection can surely show the way. Once I hear the internal calling, I need to find multiple possibilities of realizing it. For example, the internal calling might be to bring joy and happiness to others; be remembered as someone who brought cheer to others. There are multiple possibilities to accomplish this … produce entertainment, save lives, make people free from diseases, de-congest city roads, bring gifting ideas, help the elderly, enable the poor to earn more and so on. Roads are multiple, but the ambition doesn’t change!

How does one choose the road? It’s intellect, opportunity, luck and determination. Opportunity and luck are external factors that one cannot influence. So, one can sharpen and develop one’s intellect; one can certainly decide how determined one can be! It is about the benchmark that one sets for oneself. It is the mental resolve that one takes to face all obstacles. If one is paddling continuously and not moving forward, it could be frustrating but the way one responds to the situation makes the difference between someone with ambition and someone without! It is not uncommon that we see people give up on their dreams because the going gets tough. Thousands of companies start but only a very very few succeed to leave their mark behind. This is because they get tired of changing gears while going over multiple speed-breakers along the way. Optimism helps staying determined. When I look at the legendary sports-persons of our times, the great leaders of the past and our current times, I get more and more sure of this theory.

Limitless possibilities lie ahead. Finding one’s true calling, Believing in it, Working at it with determination and Raising the bar each time makes us different. One is certain to leave one’s mark behind!

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