Movies of our times need to innovate fast!

We are a nation of a billion and a huge market looking for entertainment. The market of movie-watchers can be divided into many segments. I wonder why movie-makers tend to bring out a product that addresses typically one segment that looks for a stereo-typical entertainment. There seems to be predominantly just one outlet to sell the product, one form of pricing, one way of promoting the product… The theatres, the storage media used, the pricing, the advertising methods etc are more or less the same irrespective of the movie. Except the budgets which vary largely due to the starring, nothing seems to be changing. I wonder why innovation in this huge market is so limited!

In our current times, internet is available to more than 150 million people; their behaviours are getting more and more public due to their presence in the social media. So, why can’t movie-makers think of making movies which address the needs of various categories of people?I believe, in days to come, readership of newspapers will fall and people will turn to media that offer specialised content that matches their taste and preference. Movies and other forms of entertainment must follow suit!


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