Make In India … real possibility?

298479-make-in-indiaRight from the moment we get up from bed till we go to bed, most things that we touch and feel are made by global companies and more often than not, manufactured outside India. If we had most of those being designed and manufactured in India, a large part of the value creation would happen here and the fruits of that value creation process would be enjoyed by Indians. Small nations in Europe and parts of Asia stand testimony to this fact. Why do we struggle as a nation to fulfill this ambition?

There is no dearth of intellectual ability in India; neither there is any drought of ambitiousness and entrepreneurship. Still, we haven’t been able to get this done. Our PM has been able to very successfully bring this up top of our minds by launching a program called Make in India. Even if we know that it’s old wine in a new bottle, it looks attractive and compelling. So, the game has started well. But, it’s a marathon and we need quite a few things to work in harmony to seal the victory.

We need cultural harmony in our country. People from any part of the country need to feel comfortable to relocate to another part where their talent is sought. Unfortunately, at the moment, there seems to be too many sparks flying in the air and in too less time intervals! We need a force that binds us well as a nation and we truly feel proud of our nation.

Our schools and colleges need to produce what the factories, offices and workplaces need. It is easier said than done. The consumers of the talent are the people from the user companies and they need to be playing an important role, possibly a mandatory role in our schools and colleges. Like some nations ask all their school children to be trained to fight a war, we have to make it either mandatory or offer a subsidy in the form of social brownie points to people who create the social impact by working in a school or a college for a few hours a month and being accountable for the results. And similarly, an educational institute has to make sure that their output is industry-ready. While we have such designs in colleges awarding professional degrees such as engineering, medicine, nursing etc, but we know that some of these designs have not been working well. There are many flaws in these designs that need to be plugged. Only then, our educationists will be able to attract good teachers who can design and deliver programs to produce relevant output for the industry. And then only, commercial enterprises will be able to leverage on the talent available and create value in India.

Last, but not the least, we need an attitude to be the best-in-class and move away from the habit of making good with half-baked cookies. Our roads, ports, power, cold chains, licensing systems, monitoring systems and so on are far behind the imagination of a kid in the middle school. So, we know what is to be done on the infrastructure front!

Make in India is a real possibility only if these three aspects are taken care well. Good luck to us!


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