A new leaf must be turned in our books


The world is startled to see what happened in Paris. This war against humanity is taking place unannounced in different parts of the world. The nations have to come together, may be the UN should lead this effort, to review what we teach our young kids and what practices we showcase before them.

Organizations write their core values on their walls, intranet, policy handbooks and so on. I find words like transparency, diversity, integrity and so on. But, we do not find words like religious tolerance, secularism. If we look at what’s happening around us, organizations have to talk about values like ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ which means, the world is one family or the world is my family.

Like Swachh Bharat, our PM should run a campaign to level-play all religions, promote religious tolerance and harmonise them. This could be a great innovation that India could make for the world!

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