Future of Indian IT industry

Connection two persons

Companies have been hiring and some laying off. However, a few big names like TCS being in the lay-off list is causing wide-spread panic and raising questions if the industry is facing death. I do not believe so because there are quite a few drivers which are positive now and will remain so for the next few years.

Smart phones and computers are everywhere; yet, work happens using pen and paper in many places. And hence, the stakeholders connected with the work have the anxiety of knowing the progress, offering help and influencing the progress. This is a very strong drive amongst all the human beings in the current century. Thus, the IT industry will continue to receive requests of digitising the work processes, improving the business processes and automating some of them to raise productivity and efficiency.

Clients of IT companies have started looking for more value from their service providers. They have started asking for the business impact that an IT provider can cause rather than delivering hundreds of lines of code and some interconnected devices. This calls for innovation, hard work, challenging the status quo and transformation. This is like transitioning from Maths courses in School to Maths courses in College. Some will fall off this journey as a natural phenomenon and the rest will eventually find their rhythm. The industry thrives on people; so, the skills and attitude that they bring to the table need to match the industry needs. The people need to have the skills and attitude to know about their customers, keep pace with the developments taking place in the industry sector which their client affiliates to, recognize the business challenges and find solutions to those challenges. It calls for a lot of new learnings for the experienced professionals and their managers in the industry. And a big revamp for the folks in college aspiring to join the industry is required as well! Our education system certainly isn’t going to transform its courses and the pedagogy overnight. The journey will continue, though in a slightly different manner.

And finally, the new thoughts, developments and ideas happening around us will find their place in the way industry operates. Our IT industry is keeping pace with the opportunities such as robotics, social media, cloud computing, big data, virtual reality, 3D printing, internet of things, driver-less cars, drones and many more. For an IT professional, the key question is, how much time does s/he invest each day towards such transformation challenges and development. The journey of the IT industry will continue; it will continue to generate value for its stakeholders effectively if the talent keeps up with the developments and the employers create the environment!

Long live IT!

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