Don’t worry if you have fallen down, gather the courage to get up and run. The world is waiting for you.

The Cracked Up World

Frustrated, tired, pained, exhausted,
Not a moment more could I have existed,
So saturated was I that I could take no more,
This sounded like a dreadful folklore.

I ran out into the forest as fast as I could,
Leaving all the memories behind, upon my hood,
Summer sun filtered through the canopy of trees,
Dappling the forest pathway with my hair in the breeze.

Three and a half months I spent in jail,
Now I was out, but not on bail,
They whipped me, they lashed me, brought me to my knees,
Little did they know they had awoken the beast within me.

I was tainted with revenge, filled with anger,
I fought a battle, they had to surrender,
I hated the legal system all my life,
And finally, I did justice to all their lies.

I had been put into solitary confinement,
No fault of my own, I…

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