Lessons from Cricket World Cup 2015 in the first 3 weeks

CWC 2015

#cwc15 has been a wonderful show of entertainment for cricket lovers around the world. Beside the emotions that run high during the game, we can see the teams adapting to the changes in this year’s tournament and the limits have been stretched quite a bit for each department of the game on the field and in the backroom.

As the rules have changed, the teams have adapted to each bit of them. Whosoever adapts better and faster is coming out as winner. For example, there are new balls, batting power play and so on… some bowlers have been agile to change their earlier style; they have come out of their comfort zones, improvised their games and focused on new sweet spots. This is a huge lesson for all the leaders in various walks of life : business, government, non-government and so on. The environment around us has been changing always; we need to adapt faster and better. With the advent of technology, changes in social norms and patterns, beliefs and hence, behaviours of stakeholders have been changing. It is important that each leader recognises this and acts accordingly so that they can stay at the top like Tim Southee, Starc, Marsh and Boult.

Another significant development is the way the players are stretching the limits and the teams are reaching new milestones in each area of the game : right from the equipment used, the hardware and software used, the mental games that they play apart from the physical fitness and agility. New records are being made; will be broken in future. This is a continuous journey that leaders again must draw their lessons from. Any team needs to believe that they can stretch and do just one more act to create a new benchmark! People walk the extra mile when they associate themselves with the purpose behind the stretch and feel excited to do the extra bit. Many leaders push their teams to stretch in every aspect, but results do not come easily because the players go through the motions with annoyance and disinterest rather than with passion and zeal. So, in my mind, the first step for the leader is not about assertion, energy and reward, it’s about building the trust, sense of purpose and alignment. Possibly, the Indian Team has found the rhythm now after staying together as one unit for many weeks and hence, results are showing already!


Leaders must always be very inclusive with their folks, especially in the current context that we live in. This inclusiveness helps them build a team that aligns well with the overall purpose and is determined to excel. As the environment keep changing, they must recognise the changes and make the necessary course-corrections. Easier said than done! Leadership isn’t a binary practice; one cannot say if leadership is ON or OFF. Leaders learn through their own experiences and from others to make continuous  changes in their own practices over time. So, let’s learn from the leaders in CWC15 and evolve!


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