how can I be the best?


Success isn’t by a random chance. There is a lot of hard work that goes behind it. Our society encourages each one of us to do better, climb up, reach the summit and redefine the summit, if one can.

Let’s think what it takes to be the greatest painter, musician, cricketer, movie star, novelist, mountaineer, fashion designer, physicist, doctor, journalist or anyone! While there has been a lot researched about it and written, I think, it’s worth simplifying.

The first step is the willingness and intent to excel. One needs to have the internal desire to be the best. I cannot climb Mt Everest just being a part of a mountaineering club. After watching a marathon, I have heard several people saying that they want to run the next marathon; similarly, after seeing a medical issue in the near quarters, many people promise to stay in shape by working out regularly; watching a colleague having taken to guitar as a new hobby, some people feel encouraged to take keyboard lessons; after attending a training program, the participants make resolutions to change their behaviours and so on! More often than not, I have noticed that the intent is just a spark and short-lived like an infatuation. Unless the calling is loud and clear; the inertia doesn’t let the action take off the ground. Coaches, Leaders, Teachers and everyone need to see if the desired field of excellence is something the person is really committed to excel. So, the first step is the deep commitment to be the ‘new person’ and go the distance.

Secondly, it is about fixing a few milestones and working towards them. This is execution : hard work, follow up and hard work! It calls for tremendous amount of discipline to do it again and again as per a routine. Raise the bar as one reaches a milestone and strive for the new milestone. Along the journey, one has to sharpen the saw and follow up. This is learning regularly. It is important that the right people are supporting the person with their unbiased opinions which work as a mirror for the person. This is an important step in execution, else one might lose one’s way as soon as one reaches a few milestones and start basking in the glory of the past achievements. The brighter and new future must always be the calling for the person.


Last, but not the least, winning doesn’t mean that others have to lose. Also, winning doesn’t mean that others are not as good. Being the best means, doing the best each day and each moment of life in the particular field. If one wins a game, one doesn’t have to think about the rest of the world. It is about doing better the next time and preserving the good of the day today! The moment, one compares one’s own possessions and achievements with respect to the others, one starts deviating from the path of excellence!

Let’s go for it!


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