When going gets tough…


As the old adage says, the Tough gets going when the going gets tough, all of us deal with difficult situations in life. Different people respond differently while under duress; our behaviours speak a lot of our character, personality and the values we care, the beliefs we nurture. And these behaviours evolve over a period of time as we gather more experience in life and we learn from them. Very interestingly, the actions of today, this week, this month and this year decide what future holds for us!

Life is very interesting : it gives us a bagful of pieces which are to be joined together to arrive at a final shape and it doesn’t tell us what the final shape is. It leaves us to explore the final shape. And as we keep solving the puzzle, it starts showing its own mind; keeps offering us various tips, insights, rewards, risks and alerts. Many a times, while we run crazily on our journey, our senses get a bit overwhelmed and we fail to absorb all that happens around us. We miss a few clues and end up in a few ditches before we get up again and restart our run.

I wonder if any of us knew how to keep calm, make our senses process all the clues that we get on the way and not get lured into various falsehoods and glitters that we encounter on our way. Perhaps, life would be boring then! On the other hand, there must be some recommended paths that help us accomplish better; certain behaviours we exhibit when challenged with tough situations.

Growing targets for a salesperson quarter after quarter, winning tournaments after tournaments, making blockbusters in a row are just a few examples of challenges that performers usually encounter! The ask gets bigger each cycle. Does one worry about it or take the challenge in one’s own stride and plan how to go about it? Does confidence, surefootedness help or anxiety?

Some times, we do not know what bothers us, what makes us feel scared, what instills fear in us. This awareness makes things clear to us; helps us define which is a prohibited area. In case, one must enter into that area, it becomes clear what is to be done and hence, one one can take additional supplements such as practice, training or perspectives.

There are another set of situations that one comes across which might be very heart-wrenching. We have seen sports-persons doing the right things, playing their best yet not end up on the winning side. And several other such situations in life are no different! It’s a tough one on the mind to stay positive and self-talking that the journey is important; it’s imminently possible to do better and the eventual outcome will be there soon!

Last, but not the least, we have witnessed several other situations where one loses the toss by the theory of probability! Life is not about that toss, but about the one thousand tosses over a long period of time.

Tough get going when going gets tough!

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