How does it smell?


They say, morning shows the day. Similarly, a few minutes’ interaction with a person, a home, an institution, a village, a city can say a lot about it. While first impressions could go wrong, many a times these impressions determine the next steps that we take as people.

Managers and leaders at times indulge in creating a lot of processes, systems to make the workplace wonderful, stress-free, efficient and sustainable. They create strategies to set long-term goals and directions for the organizations so that the employees can become clear about the purpose and can relate to it better. This sounds very rational and logical. However, on the other hand, these create a box of constraints which the person at the junior-most level or front-line execution has to operate within. There are multiple levels of approval, policies to adhere, audits to answer, queries and clarifications to reply … Have we ever thought how frustrating and dis-empowering these can be for the person when s/he is under so much of scrutiny and stress to comply?

What can we do to let the wings fly? It’s about creating a sense of ownership and empowerment without making it a chaos! Studies have proven that leaders can create environments which empower people, leaders coach people and sustain the values of trust over long periods of time.

So, it’s possible that a large organization can have systems and processes that support the strategies being set by the senior leaders, poses faith and trust on its people and simultaneously, instills a sense of discipline among its people and encourages them to walk the extra mile always. The top leaders of the organization needs to believe in the concept and demonstrate the same to their people! The communication, problem solving approach, customer focus, employee interaction, partner relationship, external stakeholder engagement and many such actions of the top leaders can show us if they trust their folks, coach them while they run a tight ship. And of course the people need to feel energetic to walk the extra mile!

The environment can certainly smell good!

One thought on “How does it smell?

  1. Great article !
    In order to let the employees “Walk that Extra-Mile” with their leaders,there is a huge need to make them understand the purpose of these structured processes and the long term Vision.This will empower them to take ownership in whatever they do.
    Problem is– this fundamental step is missing from the process itself and often the structured approach looks like a burden for its employees.
    Result–Bored employee. Less Productivity.Attrition

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