Creating something new!


Right from the birth of a child to growing a plant, creating a new product, a new platform or a new idea, the process is an exciting and fulfilling experience. Many a dreams, emotions are involved in it apart from the planning and the execution. At times, the process of creating something new is intentional and a few other times, it is just accidental. In either of the cases, the end results are not equally gratifying. How can we make the progenitors feel proud of the journey that they underwent as well as the end results that came out?

Our mythologies give us some guidance on this topic; our history teaches us many lessons on the subject; the nature around us has many events that are inspirational. Barring a few isolated cases, all living beings around us are bestowed with the ability to procreate. And interestingly, while one undergoes the process, it’s almost an adventure : it is filled with uncertainty and touches several emotive chords in the mind. In spite of all these tribulations, it is almost a natural drive to create something new. When we look at an organization or a team, due to some reasons, people get very unsure and play safe. They do not want to take risks and get out of their comfort zones. Probably, it’s the factor of uncertainty that plays in the mind and leads people to stay away from the adventurous path that is avoidable. Piloting new projects, launching new products, bringing in new people, moving into new cities, new roles are all examples of creating something new. Isn’t it kind of going against the natural instincts and phenomena? Isn’t it lack of agility? I think, it’s an injustice to one’s talent by not allowing it to be unleashed and challenged. So, the first and foremost step one has to take is to step out of the safe corners and venture out to challenge one’s own potential!

Secondly, all of us know that recklessness is the other extreme of being adventurous. Like wearing a helmet while biking or a seat belt while driving are the basic premises, it’s important to know when to step out and by how much. Else, it is like Abhimanyu entering into the Chakrabyuha in the Mahabharata war without knowing how to get out of it. One can take a long stride but shouldn’t be so long that the first stride is the last one! It’s important to know when one is getting into the comfort zone and the eyes are going off the road. The stakeholders in the journey play a critical role in the process because they are either the co-travellers or the audience watching the sport and feel the pulse.

Last but not the least, the new creation needs to bear a significant meaning in the life of the progenitor else the journey and the results do not get fulfilling. It could be a small toy that a baby earns or a clay model that a child builds or a large enterprise that one creates, the process needs to be that very fulfilling and longing. In such cases, failures do not leave a permanent scar and it gets easier for one to get up one one’s feet after each fall and the determination to succeed gets stronger. Days get brighter and mind stays young for ever!

To sum it all, let us be determined to follow the natural path to create something new; adopt all the care while taking the challenge head-on; and last but not the least, get on the journey only if it is appealing to the heart. The creation will be beautiful!


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