Cast a spell!


Every leader would like to get their troop to align with their thoughts and act in harmony. This is easier said than done, especially in the current times where we have a lot of young people in our workforce and they think in a very different way than their leader.

Directive style of leadership is out. Very very few organisations thrive now using the old methods. The leader has to influence his or her team members. They need to appreciate what the leader is saying and why. The choice of words, frequency, choice of medium and the style plays a great role in deciding the fate of the communication.

Personal credibility of the leader in the eyes of the people being led is the next most important factor to be able to influence them. With increasing glare and glitz of various kinds of media personal lives of people are increasingly under scrutiny. It is not easy for the leader to enchant his or her people with a certain kind of life during the work hours and live a different life outside work. The leader needs to walk the talk. If (s)he promotes hard work, he has to show that each day. If accountability is the name of the game, (s)he has to show the same by owning up the results or the lack thereof, and so on.

And finally, the leader needs to demonstrate humility in every step. Several times, the answers to complex issues are in the heads of the team and they bloom in certain conditions. It’s the leader’s role to create those for the team. Often, humility of the leader breeds those conditions that the team seeks. Normally, adults seek empowerment, trust, opportunities to learn and fairness. These are possible only when the leader is willing to speak less and observe more. Fair processes are very easy to demand but tough to set up and sustain. The leader needs to bring a lot of patience, listening, belief in the team and observance to ensure that the performance is managed fairly. What else other than humility can enable these safe and supporting environment!

Great leaders have shown us time and again their ability to communicate effectively to their teams who in turn seem to be under a spell and get into action in harmony! It has been possible only because they were able to communicate well, choose the right medium and frequency. They lived a life that inspired their teams. They said what they meant and meant what they said! They show tremendous character in listening to their teams and guiding them just enough that the team changed course at the right time. It seems like an eye-popping performance from the leader. Wow!


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