Have you found your purpose?


All of us know, goals are important in life and planning for them paves the way for execution. This is the most important stepping stone to success. One wonders if the heart is pursuing the goals or just the mind! When the heart joins the mind in any effort, the journey becomes a pleasure and a lot more meaningful. Easier said than done because it’s not easy to define the goals and it’s even more difficult to have the heart in it.

I think, it’s not very difficult to spot someone running after a few things in life with passion and purposefulness. What could be the signs?

First, the energy and enthusiasm with which one pursues the goals stand out; it is hugely contagious. The person sees a bigger picture behind the goal. One may be preparing food and putting all the attention required to make the food as per the specifications and the standard operating process of cooking. This is highly professional and most organizations are very happy if their employees or associates are able to do such level of work each day. However, someone who loves cooking and wants to pursue cooking sees many things beyond the goal of preparing good food; possibly s/he sees countering hunger, energizing mankind, helping others celebrate in life and so on. This view doesn’t come from a text book or listening to a lecture; at best, such instances act as triggers to fire up the internal calling. I think, one discovers the purpose either by observing events around us or thinking about them or imagining a new world. Whatever the method be, once the purpose is clear, it’s deja vu! This makes us feel a lot empowered to do things and accelerate.

Secondly, having found the purpose, the thoughts running in the mind are a lot positive, bold and forward-looking. One doesn’t feel lonely and builds a network that supports the person to realize the dreams. We all know about Thomas Edison and his repeated trials before he invented the light bulb. Often the person seems to evangelize the purpose fanatically.

Last, but not the least, many other things in life appear to be trivia and run in auto-pilot mode when one is pursuing the goals with a purpose. Suddenly, the focus stays relentless on the mission and the rest of the things seem to be routine.

It’s almost like nirvana, a great situation to be in! I wonder if there is a silver bullet to attain such nirvana. Surely not! Had it been so simple, our world would have been a different place – many organizations would have been excellent in serving their customers, their products and services would have been better than world-class and so on.

Life is too long to be wasted without the quest for your purpose. Go for it!

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