Life goes on…


Someone says, Mother Nature has been here for four and a half billion years. One lifetime is such a small blip that it doesn’t matter on this time scale. Yet, we do not get the picture and immerse ourselves in extreme levels of worry about our past, present and future! We hurt ourselves by such thoughts without realising that we cannot change the past. We can, at best use the present moment evaluating the options before us and acting accordingly. Life goes on!

Past accolades and highs do not matter. Neither do the trials and tribulations of the past. Actions of the others are not in my control. I can do what is in my circle of influence. Certainly I can influence others and myself. The way I can reconstruct the reality in my head is in my control. I can choose what I see, hear, touch, smell and taste. So, I can control what I feel and think. There are several situations in life, we do not achieve what we aim for. This may be as mundane as reaching work in time or as complex as buying a certain kind of a home by a particular timeline. Different people see this failure differently. A range of emotions right from despair, anger, depression, nervousness to determination to retry cross the mind and engulf the heart. What differentiates one person from the other is the way the person thinks and feels about the situation. And such feelings lead to varying thoughts. I decide to act in a way that seems the best to me. Life goes on!

Time doesn’t stop for anyone. So, I shouldn’t lose this precious resource called time. I need to sail smoothly and achieve most of what I want within the time at hand. I think, firstly one has to learn to ignore conditions which are outside one’s control. I have no control over what my competitors are thinking and doing. I can control my thoughts and course-correct my actions. If I care about competition and their actions, I can invest energies to foresee possibilities in the market place, innovate and influence customer beliefs. If that’s not feasible, I can either divest the position or reduce losses in other ways. If I worry about factors which are beyond my control, I hold myself hostage to negative energies which slow me down and waver my focus.

Secondly, I think, continuous learning is essential. We not only learn in schools but each day in life from each and every person that we see around us. We need to choose to learn from others with humility. Many have a misconception that others might interpret curiosity and attitude to learn as weaknesses and stupidity. Hence, they do not ask questions, stop observing things around them and show off to others that they know a lot. This behaviour hampers the ability to learn and hence, the ability to sail smoothly.

Last, but not the least, one mustn’t trade off the precious happiness and joy for anything else. Several great leaders in the world have been passionate about something that they cherished and let go many other things in their life. However, later during their life, they have either regretted or course-corrected their approach. While passion is a key ingredient to success, trading off happiness for is not.

I must live life in a way that inspires me and helps me achieve my goals in the best possible way. This helps me leave behind a better world. Life goes on!

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