when the rug is pulled from under your feet…

It’s not often that the rug gets pulled from under one’s feet. US court has legalised same sex marriage. This is one such experience for the people who have a strong opinion about the institution called marriage. It’s a global debate in humanity today and challenging every assumption around marriage. This is an opportunity to clear the mind and clean up the corners of the roof gathering there.

The subject is not only very close to the hearts and minds of the millions living on this earth also it’s challenging the age-old assumptions around the purpose of the institution called marriage. It’s natural that there is a lot of debate going on this topic. As the world is evolving, humanity is evolving too. And it’s natural that some of the rules of the game would change too. Like robotics is developing and it has the potential of enslaving the humans, this is one such case where the basic assumptions are being shaken.

I wonder, in the life of a leader, many such status quo situations are to be recognised, continuously validated or challenged. The more one looks for such situations, the more one discovers. This is easier said than done. As people get into a groove, they fail to recognise what’s the status quo and if the situations are relevant at all or not. We become slaves of our habits and fail to see pockets of irrelevant practices. Also at times, organisations have a few rituals or ritual-like actions which become irrelevant over a period of time but fail to see those. Hence, it’s critical, for the sake of the vitality of eorganizarion, intellectual strength is deployed either by internal resources or external talent for a fixed period of time.

Last but not the least, the leader ha to create an environment that’s safe to discover new possibilities and encouraging to pilot new initiatives. Any change is like pulling the rug from under someone’s feet. So, it better be sure-footed step and not with a fear of failure. Once the rug is not there under the feet, it’s important that the concerned stakeholders are not caught by a surprise; neither they should be in the state of suspended animation for long. So, it’s a fine balance that a leader has to do in the organisation – status quo and stability on one hand, innovation, challenging the normal and creating a wave on the other.

It’s a tight-rope walk which calls for simultaneous action on both hands. Let’s do it for the long term!


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