Spolit for choice

With liberalisation in economies around the world, technology has advanced at a rapid pace. As the old adage goes, whatever goes up, will come down. I se the impact of technology has started tapering off in some parts of our lives. That brings me new hopes!

Dotcoms burst a few years ago and now, we have many of them booming. Landline phone was a status symbol a few years ago and now, it seems like stone age. Same with cars, computers, air travel, holidays, eating out, finding jobs, writing letters & memos to others, buying provisions, taking photographs and so on. Undoubtedly, we have had tremendous revolution in each of these aspects and our way of living has changed during the last few years. The speed of action in enterprises has multiplied; our social life has undergone a sea change; our habits have changed; some of the old habits have become extinct. One can debate if these changes are for good or otherwise. However, the changes are quite significant and visible.

One of the many changes around us is that we are presented with numerous options to choose from. At times, the choices can be agonising; at times, they help us see mutiple perspectives and hence, decide better. However, at times, it is a time-waster and a productivity-dampener! People tend to browse through the choices, procrastinate, vacillate and delay their actions. Business leaders tend to seek a lot of opinions, invest energies in analyzing the inputs, form a committee to review the short list, debate with experts and then report back to the larger audience. Individuals similarly go through their own little processes to crowd-source ideas and opinions, analyze them and so on. If the topic is something very crucial, almost like a life and death, it is possibly worthwhile doing all of these. However, indiscreet drive to have choices is not wise.

Secondly, too many choices tend to make us look at the subject as a trivial issue. The value suddenly seem to drop. We become very tough to please and thus, never satisfied with life. The efforts of making or producing a product or a service seem very marginal to our eyes. Our appreciation for the traditions and heritage seem to decline for some because there is enough of new things to be explored. This is not a great state of mind to be proud of, especially when we as a human race seem to be making progress. Hence, being spoilt for choice could drive someone into a state of eternal sombreness and depression.

Last but not the least, there are quite a few things in life which are best left alone and not explored often for choices. Simplicity is a virtue many a times. So, frequent shake-up of the core of any system with different choices is not a great idea.

Choices enrich our lives like diversity does. However, we need to judicious in applying different choices in certain aspects of our life!


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