Use your network to find your dream job

A couple of decades ago, people looked through the newspapers and periodicals and applied for the jobs that they wanted. At times, they approached the head-hunters to locate the job that they wanted. As technology has become a part of our lives, some of these old methods have changed significantly. Information has become easily available and most of the times, it is the problem of plenty that poses a challenge for the employer to look for the right choice.

Given this context, one of the powerful ways in which one can improve one’s chances to get picked up for the right job is to leverage on one’s network of contacts. These days, contacts are all over the place – right from diaries, notebooks, email directories, phonebooks, contacts, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, chat messengers and so on. To make the problem a bit more interesting, they are in thousands and do not reside in the memory. And, there is a huge traffic that hits our several identities that we wear every moment of our life. Assuming that one knows where to reach, how does one reach the right person in the potential employer organization?

Firstly, one has to list down all possible groups who could help one find the target. The contact groups could be peers at work, bosses at work, vendors, customers, neighbours, club companions, gym pals and so on. After identifying such contact groups, one has to decide what kind of messaging will be required. Some people seem to be carpet-bombing their contacts saying that they are looking for jobs and inviting leads. Such actions lead to be ear-marked as a spammer and spoils the future chances of getting a lead. So, it’s a lot of hard work in identifying the groups to leverage on and the kind of messaging that can improve the chances of being noticed.

Secondly, the message has to be brief and personalised to appeal to the recipient. Everyone looks for the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor and hence, one has to be conscious of this and accordingly, design the message. This is easier said than done because it is natural and easy to focus on what one needs rather than focusing on the recipient’s needs. Nothing other than conscious effort can make this happen. The frequency of being in touch has to be appropriate because a high frequency of contact can be irritating while too less a contact can put the person off the radar. This can only be out of experience because there is no silver bullet. So, it’s sales-orientation that can help the job-seeker to focus on the recipient.

Last but not the least, developing one’s profile in digital media or any such media helps networking. Being a part of various discussions, online or offline and expressing one’s opinions and views can help one present one’s skills and expertise to potential employers. This helps one remind the people who matter about one’s presence and generate possibilities for a discussion. This calls for serious investment of time and efforts for the jobseeker to build one’s own profile and stand out.

There are many such ways to find one’s dream job. In the next few blog posts, we will discuss those ideas.

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