Know who you are – Find the right job!

All of us know that a job is the right one when it is a song for the person who does it and the stakeholders enjoy the process of the job being done. Many a times, the jobseeker has no idea if the job is going to be the right job and the hiring manager is not certain if the person being hired is the right person. Given these to be pretty commonplace, one must do what it takes to avoid mistakes.

One of the challenges is to know if the job is really something that would excite the person, match his capabilities and aspirations. The most common method of determining this is to discuss with various people who have a good idea about the job and the person. The discussion becomes meaningful only when the person is self-aware and confident of oneself.

Knowing about oneself sounds very simple, but the fact is that most of us have very limited idea of who we are. We do not know how we behave the way we do and why do we behave the way we do. This is the foundation of knowing who one is. Undoubtedly, self-awareness takes someone to get confident of oneself and explore the possibilities of adapating to the situations posed by a job. How does one know who one is?


Firstly, one must ask oneself what appeals to one’s heart. There is no logic and nothing absolute about it. One’s interests may change along the journey of life. So, it’s important that one observes what appeals to one’s heart from time to time and how the preferences evolve. One of the ways of knowing what appeals to one’s heart is to think of the memories of the several situations one has lived through and what actions one took in those situations. Another way is to discuss with others who observe one from close quarters and are willing to be honest and upfront in sharing their thoughts.

Secondly, it is important to know what one stands for and how one approaches various challenges that come up on one’s way. It is important that one considers various dimensions of one’s personality – emotional, thinking, dealing with others and execution. Most jobs in our world involve all these 4 aspects in varying degrees. Hence, it is important that one should know which of these 4 aspects are most appealing and which of these are clearly areas of strength for an individual. There are various tests which can reliably find strengths of a person. Apart from these psychometric tests, there are many other ways such as taking feedback from others, introspection, simulated activities, role plays which can find strengths of a person.

Last, possibly the most important step is to apply this knowledge or self-awareness in the real life situation of finding the right job. The first step is to know what one values more than most other things in life and the second step is to know what aspect of the job-world one is better at compared to most other aspects. Then the next step is to find out if the job matches with the values and the strengths. Again, discussions with people who have experienced the context and the role can throw a lot of light on the job under discussion. And of course, frank dsicussions with the hiring manager is a must.

The irony is that most people know these basics but do not find the time and courage to have these deep conversations. Let’s get started!

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